Measurement and control sensors are playing an increasingly important role in fields including robotics and industrial machinery, which are advancing day by day. In the case of encoders in these fields, higher precision, higher functionality and higher reliability are constantly in demand.
Nikon has been concentrating its unique optics, ultra-high-precision technologies, electronics, high-density packaging, and accurate pattern forming technologies on developing high-performance encoders and the actuator units that incorporate them.
Through its encoder business, Nikon will continue to contribute to the development of such industrial fields as the enhancement, automation and power reduction of measurement in a wide range of applications.

Intelligent actuator units

Nikon's intelligent actuator units (available only in Japan) are robotic joints for collaborative robots, combining a motor, speed reducer, motor driver, brake and encoders. Utilizing multiple intelligent actuator units together facilitates easier building of robots, even by engineers without robot design experience. Moreover, employment of Nikon's proprietary double-encoder arrangement (containing two encoders) provides torque detection. This enables detection of contact (external force) with humans and safe suspension of robot operation in response thereto, direct teaching in which the robot can be made to learn commands via direct manipulation by human users, and a wide range of other useful functions.

Absolute encoders

Nikon absolute encoders employ Nikon’s unique optics technology and absolute pattern technology utilizing its M-sequence pattern, enabling both miniaturization and high reliability. They are widely used in the field of industrial machinery, including industrial robots in automobile production lines and machine tools, and are highly valued as the next-generation standard for sensors that can detect the absolute rotational displacement values of robot arms. Nikon technologies greatly contribute to the development and advancement of robot technology, for which Japan is admired all over the world.


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