Customized Optical Equipment

Business Summary

Nikon Engineering Co., Ltd. is an R&D-oriented company. We develop and supply innovative equipment and optical systems to meet the needs of our customers, using optical technology and nanotechnology as core technologies.

We at Nikon Engineering Co., Ltd. are always ready to provide a variety of products, including the Projection Exposure System, ultraviolet wavelength optic tools and systems, and microscope components based on our proprietary technologies for high-precision optical systems and system fabrication that we have developed through years of experience in making equipment that meets the various application needs of customers.

Projection Exposure System

The small-size highly cost effective Projection Exposure System has a number of advantages over conventional models, including the following:

  • Significantly improved total throughput
  • Easier to operate
  • Smaller footprint and more compact design

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Ultra Violet Wavelength Optic Tools and Systems

Ultra Violet Objectives UV5xA, 20x and 50xA and Near Ultra Violet Objectives NUV20x, 20xL, 50x, and 50xL feature superior chromatic aberration compensation and higher laser resistance.
(NUV20xL and 50xL are cover glass correction lenses.)

Optical Lens Barrel for Lasers NLB-4 is a compact, modular lens barrel with support for YAG lasers in all 4 wavelengths. This can be incorporated in Micromachining Equipment.

These tools are best suited to laser repair of semiconductor circuits and printed circuit boards for liquid crystal bases.

Microscope Components

The Compact Microscope series of compact, lightweight industrial microscopes is intended for use on production lines. Nikon's industrial microscopes have become required equipment for image processing, alignment and other sophisticated applications. They play an important part in the fabrication process, taking full advantage of the superior performance of Nikon microscope objectives.

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