The Nikon way of manufacturing utilizes system optimization from a group-wide perspective as well as consideration of each part of the process from the product development and design stage. Nikon concretely promotes activities to enhance all aspects of productivity including procurement, manufacturing and quality assurance.
As well as this, in order to accurately meet customers’ needs which are increasingly diversifying, and to contribute to prosperity, convenience and assurance in everyday life for customers through our products, Nikon is constantly evolving.

Manufacturing structure

Improving manufacturing technology for optical components on a group-wide basis as well as establishing a manufacturing system with enhanced efficiency, Nikon continuously strives to strengthen its overall manufacturing system.
Nikon’s products consist of optical and stage units as well as a diverse range of functional units. For optical units, which are the core of Nikon products’ superiority, production facilities, human resources and technologies such as AI and IoT are now concentrated at Tochigi Nikon, while the development and design departments that were previously dedicated to each product have been consolidated within the Optical Engineering Division. By promoting more efficient manufacturing, Nikon is enhancing group-wide productivity.

Initiatives to improve QCD (quality, cost, delivery)

Nikon’s manufacturing has developed internationally and must deliver products that achieve “Nikon quality” regardless of their production location worldwide. Introducing and strengthening a common quality management system and production technology, Nikon realizes exactly the same quality worldwide which means that the extremely high quality is maintained whichever Nikon facility in the world produces them. Also, in order to meet customers’ requirements accurately not only for quality, but also regarding cost and delivery, Nikon is advancing improvement activities from diverse perspectives such as development, design, procurement, manufacturing and quality.

Promoting front-loading

Nikon mass produces digital cameras and interchangeable lenses not only at factories in Japan, but also at our facilities around the world. When manufacturing products at any factory, teams are formed involving the production site from the development stage, and opinions are exchanged and discussed several times. By also employing computer simulations, the development time can be shortened, any issues are discovered at an early stage and appropriate measures can be considered in order to successfully realize product optimization.

Reinforcing the quality management system

Nikon has established a Basic Quality Policy for the quality management system, drawn up a Quality Control Directive to effectively execute the policy, and implemented it across the Nikon group.
Also, in order to realize optimized manufacturing, Nikon makes continual efforts to strengthen the quality management system and prevent quality problems from occurring, to absolutely ensure a totally consistent “Made by Nikon” product quality worldwide.

Realizing exactly the same high quality worldwide regardless of production location
Thorough final inspection of products
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