President Message

Advancing new initiatives for growth

Based on our advanced knowledge such as optical and precision control technologies, Nikon has been contributing to society and technological development through it's products such as FPD, semiconductor lithography systems, miroscopes and measuring instruments. On the other hand, through our Imaging Products Business that appeals to human sensibilities and contributes to cultural development, Nikon has established itself as a global brand.

This spring, the new Medium-Term Management Plan was announced and a range of initiatives that will stimulate growth have been started. In order to continue to be a company that effectively contributes to society, it is necessary that Nikon realizes growth through innovation as well as by generating profits. We have designated the period up to 2021 as a time of preparation for growth, and will conduct various measures to establish a strong foundation for that growth.

One of these initiatives is "Generating new core pillars of profit".
During this period, we will focus especially on the Material Processing Business whose market scale is large, has huge potential for growth, and in which it is also possible to obtain a leadership position.
Searching for the market needs in that field with products such as the previously released optical processing machine, we aim for the development of innovative equipment and systems that realize high-accuracy material processing with a shorter delivery time and lower cost.
Resulting from this, our intention is aim to create new markets and industry in the Monodzukuri (manufacturing) field.
Another initiative is "Improving the profitability of existing businesses".
Enhancing profitability and reforming the cost structures in the three major business units – the Imaging Business Unit, FPD Lithography Business Unit and Semiconductor Lithography Business Unit – we will try to achieve more than 8% ROE while establishing a foundation for growth.

Nikon's corporate philosophy is "Trustworthiness and Creativity".
Based on this unchanging philosophy, we will continue to provide products and services that meet customers' demands and expectations.
Through such corporate activities, we can resolve various social issues. As the leading company in the precision and optics fields, we will always support people's comfortable and fulfilling lives every day around the world.

Representative Director
Toshikazu Umatate

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